2011 Best Triathlon…

Published on January th, 2012

First Place: Ironman Lake Placid – 39%
Second Place: Escape From Alcatraz – 36%
Third Place: New York City Triathlon – 13%

“A truly special race, in a truly special place.”

That’s the last line from our review and we meant it, because Ironman Lake Placid has it all. It has the pedigree (it’s the second oldest in North America), it has atmosphere (watch it once and you’ll go back every year), and it’s set on a course in the Adirondacks that will constantly remind you of why TWO Olympic Games were held there.

And along with being a spectacular race to compete in, Lake Placid also caters exceptionally well to spectators.

“The Lake Placid course feels like it was designed with spectating in mind as much as racing,” said Stacey, a TRAVLETE contributor who, after spectating at IMLP, decided to register for the upcoming Lake Placid Marathon.

“Mirror Lake provides a great spot to hang out all day in the center of everything while bouncing between the multitude of shops, restaurants and bars,” she explained. “With plenty of outdoor patios along the course, spectators have multiple opportunities to catch their athletes along any leg of the race.”

And as for racing it, fellow contributor and IMLP finisher, Lauren, sums it up perfectly:

“Great bike course, amazing spectators, incredible volunteers, tons of shops with stuff for racers who forgot stuff, and best of all, an underwater line to follow during the swim. One of the best days of my life.”

Still on the fence on which Ironman you should conquer? Maybe these great shots, courtesy of Jennifer Schulten of Sandia Studio, will convince you:


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