Write for Us

Ummm…so things here are picking up steam pretty quickly. We still don’t have a fancy coffee machine in the office or anything, but what we do have is great writers. And we need more!

So this is an all-points-bulletin going out to any like-minded endurance athletes interested in sharing their race experiences with the world (while maybe making a little money on the side for that new tri-bike).

Before applying below, you should know that we take our content almost as seriously as we take our racing. Unlike other “review” sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor, we have strict guidelines on where our content comes from to ensure that it’s objective, fair, and legit. Our reviews of products or events are always based on our honest opinions and we accept no incentives in exchange for positive remarks.

The integrity of our site and its content is our first priority.

Happy Racing,